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28 March 2024


Real assets. Real buyers. Real sellers.
3% transaction fees.
Secure, globally and mutually beneficial.

Sellers and buyers benefit

Mutually beneficial is how #passionateassets are transacted in 2024 and beyond. Join our hero story and enter the new reality with us:

Very competitive transaction costs. Access to verified off-market assets.
Secure transactions, buyer & seller protection. Unparalleled opportunities.

Handpicked Rarity

Peer behind the veil of the very first of its kind - supercar marketplace app and discover a selection of handpicked, off-market unicorns, only accessible to a select few.

Seamless & Discreet Transactions

Our optimized, secure transaction process guarantees your acquisition is both smooth and confidential, prioritizing your privacy above all.

Strategic Acquisitions

Each vehicle in our collection is not just a purchase but a smart investment choice, offering both pleasure and potential appreciation.

Premium Experience, Reduced Fees

Indulge in a diverse range of choices without the weight of hefty fees.
Our transparent pricing model means significant savings.
We are constantly rendering convinient and pleasant transactions for you.

Elevating Your Collection

We help collectors and private family offices worldwide to source, verify, negotiate, transact and ship blue-chip supercars.

Direct access to new opportunities

Dive into a world of exceptional supercars. Our app seamlessly and globally connects elite private collectors and dealerships with unparalleled vehicles, combining luxury and simplicity.

Early Access

We have sourced and transacted multiple Cavallino award winners. The next one can be yours.
Stay a step ahead in the world of blue-chip supercars.

Unrivaled Exclusivity

If rare is not rare enough, welcome to the home of the unicorns.

Risk-Free Acquisitions

Unparalled buyer's and seller's protection.
Sell without exposing your car to the public.
Purchase discretly and benefit greatly.

fsc24.app is always in flow

Discover opportunities

Rigorous Selection Process

Each vehicle undergoes extensive vetting for authenticity, provenance, and condition. Only the supreme are selected for our discerning clientele, ensuring unwavering peace of mind and satisfaction.

Discretion and Security

Transact with utmost confidentiality and security, maintaining privacy that befits your stature and requirements.

Market-Mastery Insights

Harness our deep understanding and insights into the supercar market to advance your position, ensuring your investments are both pleasurable and profitable.

Insights and Analytics at Your Fingertips

Leverage exclusive insights and analytics to navigate the supercar market confidently, enhancing your investment's value and performance.